AeroMIT wins Albatross Flying competition at NIT Calicut

AeroMIT participated in the Albatross competition, held at the National Institute of Technology, Calicut on 30th October, 2015 shortly after its great success at NITK, Surathkal.

All teams were required to design a highly stable, compact and weight-restricted aircraft with high
maneuverability. The first round consisted of landing the aircraft in a designated zone, also known as a spot
landing, to fetch the maximum points. The points awarded decreased as the touchdown and roll distance from the first zone increased, similar to the Wright Flight flying competition at NITK.

The second round entailed flying a complete circuit, and overflying flagged checkpoints to finally land safely at the initial takeoff point. AeroMIT was the only team to complete this circuit and execute a safe landing, fetching us the maximum points in the competition.

It is again no surprise that AeroMIT’s teams secured first and second positions in this competition.

There are only more competitions to come!

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