AeroMIT Recruitment 2017-2018: Recruits

This year’s recruitment saw a huge pool of great applicants. Unfortunately, AeroMIT can only accept a limited number of recruits for the team. Extensive testing and interviews showed the most dedicated, curious and brightest individuals, and these students have been recruited into the team officially:


Aaron Duane Sequeira

Arjun Chauhan

Kiran Luke Dsouza

Ashley Mudaliar


Ameya Ajitraj Shahane

Aniruddha Paranjape

Dhruv Bhatt

Pratulya Krishna

Sparsh Chaudhary

Bhanu Prakash

Amit Kumar Srivastava

Shakti Habib

Subham Datta

Joshua K Jose

Deepankar Sharma

Kaustubh Bhujbal


Materials and Analysis

Ashwin Varkey

Neha Hajela

Avionics and Drone Research

Yash Purohit

Parv Kapoor


Ullas Bhatt


Rishabh Gugnani

Tanish Madan

Gautam Ramesh Menon


Congratulations to all the new recruits! You will be informed with the relevant details accordingly.

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