AeroMIT Recruitment 2016-17: Recruits

This year’s recruitment saw a huge pool of great applicants. Unfortunately, AeroMIT can only accept a limited number of recruits for the team. Extensive testing and interviews showed the most dedicated, curious and brightest individuals, and these students have been recruited into the team officially:


Shreesh Mohalik

Anjay Subramanian

Brian D’Souza

Amartya Gupta

Advanced Drone Research

Yasasvi Harish Kumar

Utkarsh Tripathi

Nikhil Kumar Thota


Ankit Garg

Suman Raj

Gilbert Soyus K.

T Vishnu Priyatam

Rohan Jitendra Agarwal

Animesh Anand

Ashwin Kini

Kaartikey Misra

Lavanya Vij

Joel D’Souza

Kaushik Chavali

Materials and Analysis Division:

Adithya Ramesh

Akshaj Verma


Saurabh Kovoor

Samarth Agarwal

Archisman Pal


Congratulations to all the new recruits! You will be informed with the relevant details accordingly.



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