AeroMIT at IIT-B Techfest

AeroMIT participated in the most recent edition of Techfest (January 2015) , which marked the team’s first domestic competitive appearance. There were two events which were concerned with RC plane modelling,


AeroMIT participated in both competitions with spectacular results, placing 1st out of 46 teams in the DESIGN competition, and placed 2nd out of 52 teams in the FLYING competition.

IIT-B Competition Planes



Participants were tasked with the design and fabrication of a lightweight, fast and efficient model plane within certain specifications, including weight and dimension restrictions. AeroMIT produced several models in the course of preparation for the competition, each model undergoing rigorous testing for optimal performance.

The planes were judged based upon 3 criteria:

  1. Payload Fraction:

Payload fraction is used to characterize the efficiency of a particular design. Payload fraction is calculated by dividing the weight of the payload by the takeoff weight of aircraft.

Our plane had an empty weight of 487 g, while the payload carried was 545 g, resulting in a payload fraction of 0.5281.

  1. Time taken:

Maximum time allowed for the flight was 180 seconds, to complete two “figure of eight” Circuits in the air. The flight time recorded by AeroMIT was 45 seconds.

  1. Safety and precision of landing:

The team scored maximum possible points in this category, touching down safely well within the 5m radius set by the organisers as ideal touchdown distance.

At the end, with a score of 913.1, AeroMIT was adjudged to have produced the best plane and bagged 1st place out of 46 viable entries around the nation for the competition.


This competition dealt with the flying skill of the pilots entering the competition, as the judging criteria involved points for mastery of various aerobatic manouevres including

  • Scale Takeoff
  • Loops
  • Cuban eight
  • Stall turn (Hammerhead)
  • Inverted low flight
  • Smooth Landing

Planes used for the Aviator Flying competition could be both built personally or bought commercially. The Aviator Flying competition attracts some of India’s finest talent in the vast RC plane modelling community, with several flyers possessing years of experience in the field taking part.

AeroMIT entered three teams in the event, with one of the designs pulling off a breathtaking performance to bag second prize in the event, capping a great showing by the team.

Competition Summary 

1st prize in Aviator Design

Out of 46 teams from around the country

2nd Prize in Aviator Flying Competition

Out of 52 teams from around the country

Along the way we did have a lot of fun do check out the photo gallery below

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